Any of those men on my current group

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Also, I keep hearing about those 3 spotlight men to Buy NBA 2K20 MT. Are they worth it, as if I really use them over any of those men on my current group? I definitely don't have the patience. I appreciate the suggestions! I wouldn't suggest completing sets for tokens, which will end up being a lot of MT locked away. Have you finished domination? There is a good deal of tokens in there and you can grind tto. Buy a solid beginning 5 together with the MT to begin and then grind for those 3 men, they can definitely be your bench players and therefore are worth the grind, that is why I proposed focusing on the beginning 5 and then your bench can be free reward cards.

Domination is mind numbing idk. I've 45 stars each in regular and historical, but none in all time. I have been doing a lot of tt online and offline because my primary source of getting tokens. I'll definitely look into those 3 guys. Who should I pick up afterward for my starting 5? I would require a. Oh certainly, but I believe there is 663 tokens to be had if you complete all of domination, not as simple as doing sets but you do not have to lock in any MT. Some choices are PD Roy, Wiggins, Redd. Do a quick YouTube search for top budget gamers, I think JD did one under 10k, and DBG recently did his positional ranks. He is pretty good IMO I use it as a reference.

I never understood how 2K MT in this community are...the spending habits you described are the reason why 2K My Team is exactly what it is right now. We are all very supportive of each other. But when among several doesnt get a specific card which doesnt make the individual more worthy of getting a free card straight from 2K because many people deserve this as well. Im sorry for the tough truth here but yes the whole myteam game style has been about spending habits for a couple of years now. Its nice that they offer benefits and evos however, the best cards come from VC earned game or money spent on backpacks out of the marketplace. I wish it were not ordered that way but I simply play with the system the authorities of 2K presents us.

Everyone always says this and it never happens like that Ben Simmons didn't impact Giannis price in any way. Just because similar cards come out doesn't mean nobody wants another. 1 card is not going to tank the exact value of this shaq. Folks like shaq since he's great animations he is super hot and that is the best shaq we have EVER had, and the most economical for that issue. Last years you needed to lock in and he wasn't even like this one. He will not fall below 600 till when NBA 2K is absolutely lifeless. Or 2K kills it with a locker code or super packs with good odds.