Considering I have been trying to get a great deal of my buddies to play it

Considering I have been trying to get a great deal of my buddies to play it


Considering I have been trying to get a great deal of my buddies to play it. No I can not say I agree. Fair enough. I guess I'm just concerned about how much Phantasy Star Online 2 would appeal to my friends who don't have any attachment to PSO2 Meseta Phantasy Star. I dont have any particular attachment to any of the Phantasy star games, if it makes you feel better. The way I think about it is people try to objectively critique a game (which is fair), but your enjoyment of Phantasy Star Online 2 is totally subjective. Its not confined to matches, there's nothing wrong with enjoying an objectively poor picture. (edit: im not stating pso2 is bad its just an example)

Everything you only need to experience, hate it or enjoy it. I would NEVER recommend Phantasy Star Online 2 to anybody I know. They do not have time nor the patience to find out the surface. It is a small Niche game, and there isn't anything wrong with it, but many will walk away. It.

The main reason I am doing so -- cash store. Sure, Phantasy Star Online 2 is free to play but should you spend money life will be a LOT easier and in turn I'd have a great deal more fun. Game is great, although good -- not great. While it appears deep and inviting, once you start scratching the surface it is just another game which produces things that may be quite simple; harder than they ought to be. No will be Hunt: Showdown. I am bored of this in 50hrs, but damn, it's a game that is fantastic!

I wonder if some people today feel this way mostly due to the nostalgia of the dreamcast/gamecube days, and thats what their strongest connection is aside from genuinely loving pso2 as its own thing? Obviously bulk of people came from there, to here so it is a bit bizarre to mention that, I understand. I mean I was out of thoughts, severely sleep deprived and been on pso2 all night but, I digress. Do not judge me.

Phantasy Star Online 2 itself, for me personally, has a learning curve and a lot to remember however, im fine with this. I got my partner into it. I played with 2 on GC once I was like, 10 pso1. Then dragged my partner when I discovered Ephinea yrs later. So I had to drag him into pso2 as well. He's been largely fine with it too, aside from us both experiencing the dreaded mutablebackup folder dilemma and MS Shop making me despise it, life, myself, and everybody else around me. The only reason I wouldnt advocate Phantasy Star Online 2 is MS shop.

I played pso2 for the first time as it came out in NA and I am enjoying it. Never played any of those matches or anything remotely alike. I'm not a fan of anime. Phantasy Star Online 2 got a lot of brand new hype with its release and I dont believe even half of people can feature their pleasure to nostalgia. It is only a well made game with fun combat and a great deal of customization that differentiates itself from other mmos.I always had a hard time recommending mmos generally because of their massive time consumption requirements, while it is to grab, remain applicable, or even to farm simply for fashion. A good deal of folks don't like the notion of spending at the moment that is immediate or simply can't a match. Installation difficulties, outdated/bad UI navigation, in addition to the cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta overwhelming feeling you get when you start Phantasy Star Online 2 sure did not help it.